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About the leafscale gulper shark

1. The leafscale gulper shark has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with spines, the first dorsal being relatively low and long, large eyes, and rough leaf-like denticles. Its maximum length is 158 cm.

2. It can be found in Eastern Atlantic around continental slopes from Iceland south to the Cape of Good Hope, Western Indian Ocean around Aldabra Islands, and western Pacific around Honshū, Japan, the Philippines, south-east Australia, and New Zealand.

3. The leafscale gulper shark lives near the bottom between 230 and 2,360 meters, but usually below 1,000 meters. Also occurs pelagically in much deeper water.

4. It probably feeds on fish and cephalopods.

5. It is ovoviviparous which mean the mother does not give born to live young. Which  means embryos develop inside eggs and they stay inside the mother’s body until they are ready to hatch. with a maximum of 5 young per litter.

6. This shark is threatened because of humans. Its meat is utilized dried and salted for human consumption and as fishmeal.

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