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Shark myths and true facts

Posted on: November 16, 2010

There have been many myths about sharks over the years and not all of them are real. I was watching a show on animal planet about sharks and there feeding frenzy. And what makes them attack humans and will they eat anything. Well I must say they I was surprise about the most of the sharks.

Like they say that the Tiger shark will eat anything. But that is not true. They tested the shark will different things like a license plate but the Tiger shark bit it and did not even eat it. So they myth about the Tiger shark is false. But they do know the different from a human to their prey.

And the Great white well that one did not surprise me as much. But I did learn that
Great white see in color and they will attack people dress in yellow and red. But black is a safe color just as long as you don’t wear shine things like rings and necklaces etc. Because they look like fish gills.

Most sharks are optimist like crocodiles are and will eat it if they are really hunger. But they know what they are eating. They tested the Great white shark and they put a fast beating heart in the water and a slow beating heart rate in the water and the great white went for the fast beating heart why? We don’t know. Maybe because they think it sounds like a fish heart and they go for it. And what I surprise by is they put human blood and tuna blood in the water in a blood bag and the great white went for the human blood.

And they tested the Reef shark and when it is feeding it will go in to a feeding frenzy. And when hand feeding they close their eyes and will bite your hand if you don’t let go of the food. But they will come and have a close look. They will attack humans.

Lemon sharks will attack humans. They tested it and made a human like legs and put it in the water and the Lemon shark took both of the legs but did not eat them. And the legs had not bait or anything on them but still the sharks took them.

Myths and facts:

Myths: Sharks have poor vision.  Fact: Their eyesight is just fine and the great white like many sharks can see in color.

Myths: Sharks don’t get cancer. Fact: Sharks like us humans do get cancer it is just that we don’t see it.

Myths: Shark attacks are common. Fact: Shark attacks are rare but when they do happen there are good odds you will live.

Myths: Sharks will eat anything including you. Fact: Not true shark are picky eaters.

Myths: Sharks are dumb robotic killers. Fact: Sharks are just as smart as small mammals.

Most of this info is from a  show called shark feeding frenzy on animal planet

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