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Broadnose sevengill shark

Posted on: December 30, 2010

Above the Broadnose sevengill shark

The Broadnose sevengill shark or it scientific name Notorynchus cepedianus.
Is a member of the Hexanchidae along with the Sharpnose seven-gill shark and the Bluntnose sixgill shark and Bigeye sixgill shark. It is the only extant member of the genus Notorynchus.

It is recognizable because of its seven gill slits. Which most sharks only have five gill slits.

This shark is gray or brownish with spots and it has one dorsal fin set far back along the spone towards the tail. Its top jaw has jagged cusped teeth and the bottom comb shaped

This adaptation allows the shark to eat sharks, rays, fish, seals, and carrion.

This sharks live in temperate areas worldwide, from the North Atlantic and Mediterranean, and from the shallows down to 135 m (450 ft) deep.

There have been only five unprovoked attacks on humans have been recorded since the 16th century

This shark is ovoviviparous which mean it can give birth to live young

The broadnose sevengill shark grows up to 10 feet (300 cm) long.

This is a map of where the Broadnose sevengill shark is found around the world. (In blue is where it is found)


All of this info is from Wikipedia

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