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What shark is the most aggressive

Posted on: November 16, 2010

1. The Bull Shark is the most aggressive. It is the most aggressive of all the sharks. It can live in both salt and fresh water. And it will attack anything because of it’s aggressive.

2. The Great White Shark is the 2nd most aggressive shark. It is the biggest shark of it’s time and can grow up to 20 feet. Researchers have found they generally don’t prey on humans and take sample bite of their victims. This curious nature of these great hunters proves to be a fatal bite for humans. There are 3 different types of attacks. There is the

  • Hit-and-run attack – usually non-fatal, the shark bites and then leaves
  • Sneak attack – deep water attack, can be fatal
  • Bump-and-bite attack – the shark bumps before biting

3. The Tiger Shark is the 3nd most aggressive shark. It has been know to have human body parts in the stomach. These sharks generally hunt at night and will devour anything that comes in their way.

4. The Oceanic Whitetip Shark has been known to follow ships and wait for a meal. Most aggressive shark towards humans. It goes into a feeding frenzy especially if there are survivors from a ship wreck or air crash in waters. It will always be remembered that this shark was responsible for death of 600 to 800 sailors of the USS Indianapolis.

5. The Shortfin Mako Shark Shortfin. This shark can swim at the speed of 46 mph and even jump 28 feet up in air! The Mako shark is one of the four warm blooded sharks that is known for 42 reported attacks on humans. There have been 2 fatal attacks associated with the Mako shark. This shark reaches 9 to 13 feet in length and can weigh a heavy 1,759 pounds.

6. The Gray Reef Shark  is one of the fiercest predators in the ocean world. It has an nictating membrane that covers its eyes when it is in attack mode. This membrane protects its eyes from getting hurt and it can go ahead and bite anything and everything in its path. The gray reef shark can grow up to 8.4 feet in length and 74.3 pounds in weight. There have been 8 reported attacks on humans by this shark and none of them have been fatal.

Here is a photo to tell if a Gray reef shark is aggressive

7. The Sand Tiger Shark It is one of the aggressive shark species and their aggressiveness begins right in the uterus.  Is give birth to young who develop from eggs within the female shark body. The females have two uteri and that carry many eggs. Once the young shark develops in each uterus it will feed on other weaker fetuses till only one young shark remains in each uterus. There are 64 reported human attacks by sand tiger sharks with 2 fatalities. They are about 10 feet in length and weigh up to 350 pounds.

8. The Blue Shark It has been reported to attack 32 humans of which 3 attacks proved to be fatal. Blue sharks are somewhat explorers and their quest for exploration proves to be a costly affair for humans. They are famous for their exploring bites on small boats that proves deadly for most humans. The blue shark is about 12 feet in length and weighs 450 pounds in weight.

9. The Hammerhead Shark Of these 9 hammerhead species 3 are considered to be the most aggressive shark species. The hammerhead sharks are generally shy creatures but won’t shy off taking a bite off the limbs of swimmers who get close to them. Potentially the most aggressive of the hammerhead speices are scalloped hammerhead and the Whitefin hammerhead or the great hammerhead. These hammerhead sharks are about 10 to 17 feet long and weigh between 330 pounds to 1,100 pounds.

10. The Lemon Shark are native to the subtropical and tropical regions of the Atlantic Coasts of North and South America.  This is one finds itself on the 10 position in the list of most aggressive shark towards human as there have been reports of 22 lemon shark attacks since 1850. Luckily none of these shark attacks was reported to be fatal. Lemon sharks can grow up to 12.6 feet long and weigh well over 400 pounds.

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