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Elephant shark

Posted on: September 15, 2010

Above the Elephant shark

1. Elephant sharks goes by many names include: Australian ghost shark, Makorepe, whitefish, plownose chimaeras or elephant fish. And is nothing like the freshwater elephant fish.

2. It is found off southern Australia and south of East Cape and Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand.

3. At depths of 200 meters to 500 meters.

4. Their length is between 60 and 120 centimeters. Males of this species mature at about 65 centimeters.

5. During spring, adults migrate inshore to estuaries and bays where mating takes place and the females lay their eggs on sandy or muddy substrates. The eggs are contained in large yellowish capsules. The gestation period is six to eight months.

6. Elephant sharks during spring and summer when they migrate into shallow coastal waters. The white flesh fillets of elephant shark are very popular with ‘fish-and-chips’ restaurants in New Zealand and Australia.

7. The elephant shark has three cone pigments for color vision.

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