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Chapter 1 The sharks we think we know
Chapter 2  Shark attacks what are they thinking
Chapter 3 Why do they attack and why are some attacks fatal
Chapter 4 The way they are made
Chapter 5 The future of the sharks
Chapter 6 Do they trick us and are they really scared of us
Chapter 7  Is there a bigger monster still living today
Chapter 8  Some still live with us today
Chapter 9 Why do they find human body parts inside the sharks
Chapter 10 So much mystery
Chapter 11 We are the real monsters not the sharks


For years sharks have been known to attack people and leave them to die from blood loss. But can we prevent shark attacks from ever happening. It is time to uncover the mystery behind the monster.

Chapter 1 – The sharks we think we know

They all say shark attacks are rare but when they do happen most people don’t make it out alive. And the lucky ones that do. Well let’s just say that they are having a good day. Sharks have been around for 420 million years before the time of the dinosaurs. They are made to kill or be killed.

Some sharks attacks are that bad that the whole world knows about them. Like the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks. Most said that there was a rogue killer shark out there. Some say it was a great white shark or it was a bull shark. But we will never know for sure what kill those people. And is there one out there right now just waiting and watching us. Or are all sharks like that but just waiting for us to enter the water again.

There are so many mysteries behind the monsters that we call the shark. But what makes them hunt humans. Is it by mistake or do we taste or look good for them to attack and sometimes eat us.

Can we ever stop or predict a shark attack. If we can how can we stop a prehistoric killing and eating machine. Everyone wants to know what they are thinking when they attack. Well we ever understand how smart they are.

Chapter 2 – shark attack what are they thinking

Everyone hears about a man losing his leg or a woman losing her arm but sharks have been seen eating it. If they say they hate the taste of are blood then why was their human body parts found inside the stomach of a tiger shark. Sharks are smarter than we think they are. The reason why shark attacks happen is they mistake us for seals. But is that really true or is it just to keep the people calm. But the most common shark to attack is the Great white and the Bull shark or the Tiger shark. It is instinct to attack anything that looks like food. One attack by a tiger shark and the person was missing for a day but the next day they found the body but the tiger shark saw them come to get the body but before they could get the body from the water the tiger shark. Eat the leftovers from the person body right in front of them. So sharks can eat us and they must guard their food like crocodile does. (See chapter nine for more about this attack)

Many sharks have been found with heads and arms from humans in their stomach. There is many myths about sharks like sharks have bad vision or they hate humans blood.

Chapter 3 – Why do they attack and why are some attacks fatal

Well first I will let you know sharks a made to kill. But when they go to attack anything can happen. When sharks attack they go for the legs so that there prey can not swim away. And then they come back to see if there prey is dead or it will wait to the prey has died from blood loss. And then eat it. But most people take a wave back to shore or someone helps them and that is how most people live to tell the story. But with seals that is a different story. Once the shark has taking it’s back half of  its body it can it swim away. And the reason why Great white sharks. Attack humans is that is shows a little interest in human blood.

Not all sharks like human blood but some sharks do. And that is why human body parts are found inside a shark’s stomach. But can we ever change the sharks thinking that human blood is better. But they have trouble eat us because we have so many bones. But I think so many sharks are going to get extinct because of over fishing and global warming. But will sharks get bigger and smarter so they can live to another day or to out live humans. If the north and the south poles melt the sea levels will rise. I think sharks will grow bigger then they are now. Like prehistoric sharks were because there was not ice and the oceans were warmer and there was more places for them to go and more food.

Chapter 4 – The way they are made

Most shark have a few lays of skin but female sharks have a lot more lays of skin. And Great white shark and maybe other shark can live or past throw cold water because they have like a heater in their body to keep them warm. And the Bull shark can live in both salt and fresh water. They have been around for millions of year so you have to understand that they are made for the time of the dinosaurs. So they had to be smart to out live the dinosaurs.

They can grow very big. One great white was caught off Hualien County, Taiwan on May 14, 1997. It was reportedly almost 7 m (23 ft) in length with a mass of 2,500 kilograms (5,500 lb). And I think if one is big there must be more out there. But if they are 3 ft or 30 ft they will always be made for the kill. Is it time for the sharks to come to an end. Like so many before them.

Above the biggest Great white shark ever caught (1)

Chapter 5 – The future of the sharks

Maybe they will come to an end but we will never know. Maybe they will change to a bigger monsters. Like in history before something dies out they will kill and eat anything to live another day.

Animals can tell if a disaster is about to happen. The world is changing and not all animals will live and most will die but mother nature has plans for us and animals.

But for sure sharks will go to extreme ways to survive. Sharks have their prehistoric instinct in them just because it was so long ago does not mean they have forgotten how to grow so big and have big teeth and kill anything that moves to live another day. And that is what I think will happen. This will happen. When I do not know.

Chapter – 6 Do they trick us or are they really scared of us

Some say yes they are scared of us but I say no if they are scared of us why do they attack us. And why are they so curious about us. Are we their food or are they planing something.

Yes they would be scared when humans hurt or kill them. But before humans killed sharks.  Sharks would sometimes work together to get their prey or does it just look that way. The shark that we fear the most live alone. But are they changing so their species will not go extinct or have they always live like this.

Chapter – 7  Is there a bigger monster still living today

Above the Megalodon and the Great white shark (2)

We all know that the Great white shark is the first thing we think of when we enter the water. But is there a bigger shark out there still living deep down in the oceans around the worlds. I am thinking about the Megalodon. It was the biggest shark that has ever lived. But there is a lot of sightings of a big monster. Is it the blue whale or is it a prehistoric shark that lives deep down. There was two most famous sightings of Megalodon.

Once in 1918 where a few crayfishermen where working everyday in and underwater. But one day they saw something so big that they would not go back to work for several days. One of the crew said it was three hundred feet (90 m) long at least. But the others said it was 115 feet (35 m). They were all familiar with whales which they had often seen passing at sea. The local Fisheries Inspector of the time, Mr Paton, agreed that it must have been something really gigantic to put these experienced men into such a state of fear and panic.

Many people still believe that the Megalodon still lives deep down in the oceans. But we will never know for sure if it still is alive. If it is really is alive it is a living fossil and that means there would be more like it and more prehistoric animals from its time. But it is very unlikely.

Chapter – 8  Some still live with us today

Above the Frilled shark (3)

Some sharks have not change in millions of years. Sharks that are not seen often like so prehistoric that you would think that you are looking back in time. The frilled shark has often been called a living fossil and the goblin shark looks like a prehistoric shark. And is not seen often and has two extinct related or more. The goblin shark is named a living fossil as well.

But there must be more prehistoric sharks deep down but us humans can not go down there. And most sharks do not need to came to the surface to breathe or feed and that is why we don’t know about them. And maybe one day we will know more about the lives of these sharks and maybe there will be more out there.

Below the Goblin shark (4)

Chapter – 9 Why do they find human body parts inside the shark

Well first it is what shark is attacking and how big. And are they just tasting or are we food and where they bite us. Because if it is a small shark and it got your leg you would most likely live. But if it was a 15 ft shark and got both of your legs let just say if you live to tell the story you are one lucky person. Most sharks that attack are very curious animals and can learn very fast. Like the Great white shark has a bad reputation for being a man-eating shark. But when they do bite. One bite can leave you to die from blood loss. But great white go for the legs just like they do with seals.

I think sometimes human body parts are found inside the shark’s stomach because sharks are still in an adrenaline rush and when they are in it they eat anything. And something they would not normal eat. And that is why human body parts are found inside the shark and sometimes when I shark is ever hungry yes it will eat a human. But that is very rare to find a full human body in a sharks stomach. But the only two sharks that I know of that has had human body parts in it stomach was the tiger shark and sometimes the Great white shark. But I think Tiger sharks are 2nd most dangerous shark after the Bull shark of course. But most people say that the Great white shark is the most dangerous shark. With tiger sharks their teeth are made for cutting turtles shells. When tiger sharks eat they become aggressive feeding and eat anything. Sometimes license plates, oil cans, tires and baseballs. It is known as the ocean’s garbage can.

Above a Tiger shark (5)

In October 14, 1989 a man named Ray Mehl Jr. Was attacked by a Tiger shark when he was scuba diving with a partner. About 750 feet (230 m) from shore at a depth of 27 feet (8.2 m). At Kahe Point, Oahu, Hawaii. The victim had been in the water for 10–15 minutes before vanishing around 4:30 p.m. His partner conducted a search of the area but could not locate Mehl. The following morning a decapitated body was spotted by rescue divers 200 feet (61 m) west of Mehl’s last known location but before it could be retrieved a large Tiger shark suddenly appeared and proceeded to devour what remained of the body. Mehl’s partner noted that parrotfish had been exhibiting “unusual behavior” just prior to his disappearance.

And the Bull shark is known for its aggressive behavior. And it can live both in fresh and salt water. Once a Bull shark attacks it will not let anything go. In 1916 there was five attacks on humans and only one lived. Now we believe the attacks where most likely from a Bull shark and maybe a Tiger shark and one attack was from a great white shark. Shark attacks victims will all say that it is like a train or a track hit them and they get shaken from side to side like a doll. But most Bull sharks or Tiger sharks victims will not live to tell the story.

Above the Bull shark (6)

Chapter – 10 So much mystery

There is still lots of mystery behind sharks and some we many never know. Like why do they only attack one person when there is many people in the water. And why do some sharks eat fish and some eat like they are the trash can of the sea.

I hope in the future we many understand the way they work so we can both live together and we should not fear one another. Maybe we can learn a bit from them and maybe they can help us. So we can understand them better. And sharks do get cancer but they can’t help us to stop us getting cancer.  I hope one day in the future we can stop the killing of sharks for there insides and outsides. Eating sharks will not stop you from getting sick. Even sharks get sick but we just don’t see them when they are sick. We only see them on tv or hear a story about an attack on a person but we are so scared of them we don’t think. Maybe that shark is sick or I hope that person over there is not fining that shark.

Chapter – 11 We are the real monsters not the sharks

When was the last time you were attack by a shark? odds are you have never been attack. And we are the ones that go in the water. Do you see any sharks walking on land? You have to ask yourself should we cut off their fins and throw then back to die a painful death. Could you stand back and watch someone have they arms and legs cut off?. With as humans if we find something that could hurt us the first thing we do is kill it. And we never think twice about it. But if someone hurt us we would ask for help and get better and fight for are life’s. So think the next time you go fishing or go to buy some sharks fin soup just think for a moment about that poor animal that was killed and we killed it so we could eat.

Is this fair on the poor animals. There have been here for millions of years and we have only be here for a few thousand years. Think of the future of the human race with war and hungry all because we don’t think of  ways to save the animals to feed us for many years to come. The future of man will die out. Like so many of the animals and ancient people did before us. We will be next and animals will out live us because they have a food chain.

Author Isabella Campbell

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