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Have shark attacks increased?

Posted on: December 28, 2010

I have been asking myself that same question. But I have  to say no it may feel that way but there are more people in the water then 50 years ago. And shark numbers are still declining.

More sharks are coming close to shore to feed. They would normal would feed in the oceans but because of over fishing sharks have to travel far closer to shore than normal and closer they come they are more likely to come in contact with humans.

Sharks are still a mystery to us but we know more about them then we did 100 years ago. But the behavior is still another mystery we don’t know about them.

Sharks have been around for 420 million years so you have to understand they would think like a dinosaur. Like crocodiles sharks have been on earth for a long time. So the crocodiles and the sharks have something in common. I believe that crocodiles and sharks have the same behavior.

Like there was one shark attack the shark keep a close eye on it victim and anyone who came to close the shark would finish it off eating bit by bit in front of there eyes. Sharks have been seen doing the same behavior. Crocodiles do the same thing they will keep a close on it’s prey.

I believe sharks are becoming more aggressive and will stand there ground. And if anyone comes in the invisible line they will most likely be attack.

The 3 most dangerous and aggressive sharks are the bull shark. This shark it very aggressive and will attack and kill if have to. It is not a big shark like the great white but i think it is the 2nd most dangerous and aggressive shark. And the 1st most dangerous and sometimes aggressive shark is the tiger shark they are most common to attack if you look at,_unprovoked_shark_attacks_in_the_United_States

You will see the tiger shark it to blame for most fatal attacks after the great white in the United States.

So on my list of dangerous sharks the Tiger shark is first and then the Bull shark is 2nd and last of them is the Great white shark. The Oceanic whitetip shark is dangerous and aggressive but only lives in the oceans around the world and it has been known to follow ships. And it kills most survivors from boat and air disasters.

Some people believe that global warming is to blame for more shark attacks but that maybe be true but global warming was not a problem back in 1916 when the Jersey Shore shark attacks happen.

But is it true sharks are having some trouble when it comes to food so they have to try new food and that is when shark attacks happen or the shark is aggressive and will stand its ground.

The sharks they was blamed for the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks was a Great White and a Bull shark.

Here is Michael Schleisser and the great white shark caught in Raritan Bay purported to be the “Jersey man-eater” as seen in the Bronx Home News

You can read more on the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks on Wikipedia

To avoid a shark attack you can follow the following it may save your life.

While there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of a shark attack when you are in the water, one may take precautions such as:

  • avoiding the water at dawn, dusk, or night, when sharks tend to feed;
  • avoiding areas where sharks generally locate themselves, such as murky waters and steep drop-offs
  • avoiding swimming alone, always being near a group of people, and if possible, avoiding being at the edge of the group;
  • refraining from excess splashing or movement;
  • preventing pets from entering the water;
  • avoiding shiny jewelry, tan lines and bright clothing, all of which can attract sharks;
  • avoiding entering water if bleeding from an open wound or if menstruating;
  • avoiding areas where the remains of fish have been discarded into the water, such as near fishermen cleaning their catch.

Thanks for reading

some of this info is from

And most is from years of reading and watching shark shows


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