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Shark facts

1. There are 440 species of shark

2. The biggest shark that is alive today is a the whale shark it is 39 ft and it feeds only on plankton and squid

3. The smallest is the dwarflanternshark it is 17cm

4. Did you know shark have lived on earth for 420 million years ago that was before the time of the dinosaurs

5. The largest shark to have ever lived was the Megalodon it was 67 ft and it lived 25 to 1.5 million years ago it was the super predator of is time

6. Sharks have skeletons made from cartilage and connective tissue which makes it flexible and durable and reduces the skeleton’s weight and  saving energy

7. Did you know Sharks have no rib cage

8. Did you know sharks jaws are not attached to the skull

9. Sharks lifespan vary by species most live 20 to 30 years And the spiny dogfish has the longest lifespan off any shark at more than 100 years and the whale sharks  may also live over 100 years

10. Did you know some sharks live in schools and some sharks solitary hunter

11. Did you know not all sharks are carnivorous

12. Did you know sharks can be highly social

13. An average speed for a shark that is cruise is 8 kilometers per hour but when feeding or attacking the average  speed is 19 kilometers per hour

14. Did you know the short fin mako shark is the fastest shark and one of the fastest fish it can burst up to 50 kilometers per hour

15. The great white shark  is also known for bursts of speed when hunting

16. People think sharks are killing machines but recent studies say that sharks are good at problem solving and have good social skills and have curiosity

17. Did you know in 1987 near Smitswinkle Bay south Africa  a group of up to seven great white sharks worked together to move a partially beached dead whale to deeper waters to feed on it

18. Did you know it is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed by people every year due to commercial and recreational fishing

19. Only a few sharks are dangerous to humans they are the great white shark and the oceanic white tip, the tiger and the bull shark


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