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Posted on: September 2, 2010

I would like to write a bit about sharks and all the information I know about them. First I would to say that shark are not bad animals. And I think we need them more than we know. Because if we do not have them to clean up the oceans imagine the mess from dead fish and all the junk we put or drop in the sea. And there would be an over run of animals in the sea and when there is to many animals in one place the first thing us humans do it try to kill them. But what did mother nature do before we came along. She made animals to clean up the mess. And if we mess up earth who knows what will happen. But I think we will and when we do we will become extinct. Like so many before us. But before all this happens. There will be a big famine and lots of war. Because there will be no fish in the sea because we killed all of them. We should try to stop it now by not buying shark fin soup and stop fishing. The Japs  think by eat sharks they will not get cancer. But cancer has been around way before humans came and will be around way after humans are all dead. Animals get cancer as well. I know it is a bad way to die but it is another way for us to die. There will never be a cure for cancer. Sharks have been around for millions of years. And like in earths history if one dies out a bigger and better animal comes along. So do not let that happen and if you like fish only have it one every two to three weeks. Try to save them. If all of the fish including sharks are gone. Where will be an over run of jellyfish. And jellyfish have a wired way of breeding. They would breaded like crazy because they is no fish or shark to stop them. I love sharks and knell of the animals that he has made. But I do not like all but I would never hurt them. Like most people do. And I would like to work with the sharks one day but how can I do that if there is none anywhere in the world. I have never seen a big one before. I would like to get up close but I can not do that on tv. So please everyone if you read all of this please stop and think of the future of man and most of all animals. Thanks for reading this is all by Isabella


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