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Port Jackson shark

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Above the Port Jackson Shark

1. The Port Jackson has five gills and it’s body is a gray-brown color and has black thin stripes which covers a large portion of their sides and back. One of these stripes cover over the face and progresses even to the shark’s eyes. Another, harness shaped stripes goes around the back, continuing until the pectoral fins and sides. These progress from the caudal fin to the first dorsal fin. It has a broad, flat head, an anal fin, and crests above its eyes. Both of its dorsal fins are of close to equal size, each with a spine at the foremost edge.  Other features that help distinguish them are their small mouths and their nostrils, which are connected to their mouth.  The Port Jackson has the ability to eat and breathe at the same time it does not need to move to breath like most sharks have to.

2.The Port Jackson shark is found in the waters around Australia it can be found in southern Australian waters and west of the south central coast of the continent. On one occasion it has occurred off the coast of New Zealand, however it is usually limited into two groups found from Northeastern Victoria to Western Australia and from Southern Queensland to New South Wales. It usually lives less than 100 meters (328 ft) underwater, but has been known to go as deep as 275 meters (902 ft).

3. Unlike other sharks its teeth are different in the front and back. The frontal teeth are small, sharp and pointed, while the latter is flat and blunt. These teeth are helpful for these species towards it diet, which consists of mollusks and similar organisms they are perfect for crushing. While they are young, the sharks have sharper teeth.

4. There has been no recorded attacks from this shark.

5. Male Port Jackson sharks become sexually mature between ages 8 and 10 and females at 11 and 14. They are oviparous meaning that their eggs, which are laid annually, are produced in a group, rather than in live birth. Their breeding season begins in August, continuing until the middle of November while the female lays egg pairs off and on for every 10 to 14 days. As many as 8 pairs of offspring can be laid during this period. The eggs mature for 10–11 months before hatching at once from the sac. The babies have an 89% chance of dying before even being born.

6. The Port Jackson shark has the ability to turn their stomachs inside out and spit it out of mouths in order to get rid of any unwanted food. They eat sea urchins, molluscs, crustaceans and fishes. Black sea urchins, Centrostephanus rodgersi are often eaten. Port Jackson Sharks forage for food at night when their prey are most active. They often use caves and rocky outcrops as protection during the day.

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