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Dwarf lanternshark

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Above the dwarf lanternshark

1. At present time the dwarf lanternshark has only been reported from a small area of the Caribbean Sea and off the coasts of Colombia and Venezuela, occurring between Barranquilla and Santa Martaand near the Guajira Peninsula and between the Los Testigos Islands and Grenada. This shark can live at depths of 283–439 m (928–1,440 ft).

2. The dwarf lanternshark has a long wide, flattened head. The eyes are large. The nares are large and preceded by poorly developed flaps of skin. There are 25–32 tooth rows in the upper jaw and 30–34 tooth rows in the lower jaw. The five pairs of gill slits are small. The skin is densely covered by thin, needle-like dermal denticles in a random pattern, except for the lips and the tips of the fins. This shark is dark brown with a striking pattern of black markings on its ventral surface and broken fine black line along the middle of its back, a black band on the end of its caudal fin and a dark blotch on its lower caudal fin lobe. The largest known individual is 21.2 cm (8.3 in) long.

3. Perhaps the smallest living shark species, male dwarf lanternsharks mature at a length of 16–17.5 cm (6.3–6.9) and females from a length of 15.5 cm (6.1) with 19–20 cm (7.5–7.9) long pregnant individuals known. This species is ovoviviparous, with the developing fetuses being sustained by a yolk sac until birth. Females bear litters of 2–3 young, each measuring 5.5–6.0 cm (2.2–2.4 in) long.

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