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Sand tiger shark

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Above the Grey nurse or most known as the sand tiger shark

And down is the Nurse shark

1. In Australia the sand tiger is known as the Grey nurse shark and in Africa it is known as the spotted ragged tooth shark. Not to be confused with nurse shark there are to different sharks they look different too

2. Despite a fearsome appearance and strong swimming abilities. It is a slow-moving animal, it is not considered aggressive unless provoked.

3. It grows to a length of 3.2 m (about 10.5 ft). Male Grey nurse sharks mature at 2.1 m (about 6′ 11″) and females mature at 2.2 m (about 7′ 3″). This shark weighs 90 to 160 kg (200 to 350 lb).

4. The diet of this shark including bony fish and mackerels and other sharks, rays,squid,crabs and lobsters.

5. The sharks lives at depths of between 60 and 190 m, although deeper depths have been recorded. Often they will shelter in caves or gutters during the day and come out at night to feed. During the day they slow and sluggish behavior, becoming more active during the night. While it is commonly reported that grey nurse sharks are harmless. Data compiled by ISAF records 76 attacks on humans of which 29 have been classified as unprovoked. Two of those unprovoked attacks have resulted in fatal.

6. This shark bears live young from eggs which hatch inside the uterus. Female sharks have two uterus’s. Inside the uterus the young sharks develop and eat each other until there are only two young left, one in each of the uteri. To feed her two pups she continues to produce eggs that are eaten by her two remaining young. After two years the young are around 1 m long and look like their mother and fully able to fend for themselves and she gives birth to them. This  reproductive strategy is making it harder for the shark population to rebound from near extinction.

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