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Megalodon – things you may not know

Posted on: March 6, 2010

Above the megalodon

1. Did you know that the Megalodon was 20.3 meters (67 ft) in length and 103 metric tons  (114 short tons) in weight

2. The Megalodon lived in the prehistoric times during the late Oligocene epoch and Neogene period approximately 25 to 1.5 million years ago

3. Did you know that Megalodon means big tooth in Greek

4. Did you know that the Megalodon skeleton was formed of cartilage rather than bone

5. Did you know the Megalodon body is the most poorly preserved fossil. That is why it is so hard to tell how big is was

6. The most common fossil of Megalodon are there teeth. The teeth of the Megalodon are very similar to great white shark teeth but are more robust more regularly serrated and much larger exceeding 18 cm (7.1) in height

7. Did you know the first attempt on reconstructing the jaw of the megalodon was made by Professor Bashford Dean in 1909. From the dimensions of this jaw reconstruction the size of megalodon was hypothesized to be more than 25 meters (82 ft)

9. The Megalodon would eat a lot of sea animals in its time like cetaceans and most whales. Here are so examples sperm whales, bow whales, Cetotherrids, squalodonts, rorquals, odobenocetops, dolphins and porpoises, sirenians, pinnioeds add the giant sea turtles

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